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Northern After Hours is a network of after hours home visiting doctors. We have well qualified doctors providing after hours care to patients at home and in aged care facilities. The main aim of the Norther after hour doctors home service is to provide better care in the patient’s own comfortable home environment in the after hours. All our services are fully bulk billed.


Northern After Hours provides after-hours care to patients in their own home when their regular GP is not available. For routine consultations, we encourage patients to attend their regular GP. After-hours doctors are fully equipped to treat urgent problems in the home. The after hours doctors carry a fully equipped doctor’s bag, which includes a range of equipment and supplies to provide appropriate treatment after-hours. A detailed medical report for each after-hours consultation is prepared by the after hours doctor. This is electronically transferred, faxed or posted to reach the patient’s nominated daytime GP the following day. If the after hours doctor refers a patient for any pathology/radiology tests, the after-hours doctor will ensure the patient’s regular GP receives a copy of the results. This ensures the patient’s regular GP is fully informed about any required follow-up. All patients are advised to attend to their regular GP for the follow up of any test results.


Home visits can be booked within the after hours period as defined by Medicare Australia. Monday to Friday: 4.00 pm to 8 am the following day (doctors commence work at 6.00 pm) Saturdays: from 10.00 am onwards (doctors commence work at 12.00 midday) All day Sunday All day on public holidays  For general enquirers during standard business hours, please call 1800 114 114. Outside the above operating hours, patients are reminded of the Northern After Hours operating hours and are encouraged to contact their regular GP if they require an appointment. If patients have any questions or queries regarding a recent after hours consultation provided, please contact the administration staff on 1800 114 114 or  email us at admin@www.northernafterhours.com.au.


Northern  After Hours doctor visits are bulk billed to all Medicare and DVA card holders. Patients who do not have a Medicare or DVA card can pay by credit card. A fee will be quoted at the time the booking is made.


Northern After Hours engages appropriately qualified and trained general practitioners with a demonstrated commitment to continued medical education and professional development.


Medical records are confidential and the management of personal health information is regulated by the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 (PrivacyAct). This information is only made available to authorised personnel. If you need a copy of your health information held by the Norther After Hours, please contact the administration staff via telephone 1800 114 114 or admin@www.northernafterhours.com.au The Privacy Act can be viewed at: www.oaic.gov.au/privacy/privacy-act/the-privacy-act.


Norther After Hours  policy recognises that feedback is a valuable quality improvement mechanism. Our service  strives to provide patients and their GPs with the very best after hours care and it has systems in place to ensure that any concerns, suggestions or complaints are given serious and prompt attention. Patients are encouraged to provide feedback  admin@www.northernafterhours.com.au  or in writing to the address below :

Northern After Hours

7/89 John street, Salisbury SA


Norther After Hours engages appropriately qualified and trained general practitioners with a demonstrated commitment to continued medical education. If there is a complaint please contact :

South Australia Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner

Telephone – 08 8226 8666 Toll free – 1800 232 007 Mail – PO Box 199, Rundle Mall, Adelaide SA 5000